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  • As a person who loves to cook variety, I have experimented quite a bit with Makai atta. When I used Grain2Grind’s atta I must say it’s very different than what I have used earlier. It was very easy to roll out unlike previous ones where the edges would break. Also, the texture of the flour is just prefect. Very happy with the outcome, looking forward to using more products.

  • Nowadays 'Being Healthy' is the new mantra of life, and to be healthy we need healthy food. Recently, I came across Grain to grind, they use old traditional grinding methods and grind the flour on Rajasthan stone without any preservative. I tried the wheat flour and made rotis which turned out to be extremely soft as compared to any regular flour. It remained soft even the next day. Keep the great work going "Grain 2 Grind", I would look forward for many more products.

    Geeta Shah ( HOMEMAKER)
  • We had a good experience using Grind2grind flour. Roti was nice, fluffy n soft. Everyone in the house loved the paratha, samosa n muthiya (a gujarati dish) made from this flour.

    Chetna ( HOMEMAKER)
  • I tried using the wheat flour and the texture itself was so different than the regular store packed flour that I had been using. The chapatis were soft and amazing. Even without mentioning to the family about a different type of flour I had used, they all realized the difference. Would definitely use it and also ask everyone else to use this flour as you yourself will realize when using how different and good it is.

    Aishani Karani (Working Professional)
  • Wheat atta was a constant in our meals. Untill we came across G2G. Now we have another variable to play around. Taste, hygiene & health - pretty much sums up the G2G atta. The science of grinding and the innovative mixing of ingredients leave a great aftertaste. Makes the mundane roti much fascinating. Trying out different attas also changed the taste of the same cuisine each time. Specially loved the badam mixed atta - the concept of badam in atta was enough to blow our mind, but the taste was something else! G2G gives us maximum control over the atta we eat with the reassurance of uncompromising quality - and that makes it a winner.

    The Bajpai’s
  • I used this brand atta for the first time, but I am fully satisfied with it. Rotis are very soft and remain fresh after hours. I surely recommend this brand to everyone it is worth buying.

    Lata Shah ( Homemaker)
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