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Why are we the

We started Grain to Grind as a solution for people like us who were looking for ways to reduce adulteration and chemical content from their food. The concept was simple. Source the finest quality products in the country. Process them using traditional methods to retain their nutrients. Serve them fresh directly at your doorstep packaged in an equally good and eco-friendly way so that nothing in between contaminates or compromises their nutritional value or quality.

Know your farmer.
Know your food.

From farm to your doorstep

By cutting out the middleman and harsh chemical processes we are able to offer you fresh high quality Products at great prices

wood pressed
kachi ghani oil

Cold Pressing Oils dates back to the over 5000 years ago in ancient India and was discovered in the ruins of the Indus Valley civilizations. Oil was extracted using long, cylindrical oil extracting apparatus, known as ‘Ghani’ or ‘Kolhu’ which explains the terms ‘Kacchi Ghani’ and ‘Kolhu ka Bail’. Fresh Oil was extracted by crushing and pressing the seeds to yield oil with the help of large mortar and pestle like apparatus. Animals helped to apply pressure and oils from seeds like Peanuts, Sesame, Coconut, Olive, Sunflower, Mustard, etc were extracted. As time passed industrialists started to use high heat and chemical solvents to increase the volume of oil obtained. They refined the oil further and used additives to enhance colour, taste, flavour and shelf life of the oil. The cold pressed varieties of oil were always safer since they did not involve high heat, chemicals in the production or processing stages.


Pure nutritious food is the best medicine. However, in today’s era food has become a commercial commodity which is cultivated, processed and marketed with a single objective, profitability. Purity and natural goodness have taken a backseat and have been replaced by adulteration, chemicals and preservatives. Most commercially produced foods do more long-term harm than good to your body and health. Accessibility to the traditional pure food sourced from the best around the world is something that we all desire today but is just not available. The generations that will come will probably not have tasted them, never experienced their nutritional magic or even know that they exist.

We, at Grain2Grind, strive to bring these very specialities in their purest form to your doorstep from the length and breadth of the country to the far-reaching continents. Wonders like pure handpicked saffron stigmas from the choicest crocus flowers of Iran or A2 ghee from the Indian Gir cow, hand processed using the traditional Bilona method.

At Grain2Grind you can trust the best in Handpicked and Handmade foods.

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